9 fintech stocks to invest in this year

We’ve all read about the disruptive potential of fintech, and how millennials are trading traditional forms of payment for mobile solutions like Venmo and shunning old-school wealth management for platforms like Robinhood. If you’re interested in the future of finance,

ETF Filed With SEC to Invest in Bitcoin Futures, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

A registration statement for a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) that will invest in bitcoin futures among other traditional investments has been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The fund’s portfolio will include bitcoin futures traded on the

Bitcoin holds near three-week high above $3,600

Bitcoin prices were trading marginally lower on Monday but had barely moved off last week’s level, which took the best-known digital currency to its highest level in three weeks. In early trading, one bitcoin

Rio Carnival to Feature Bitcoin This Year

Imperatriz Leopoldinense, a prominent Brazilian samba school, has chosen money as the theme of its performance during the 2019 Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro, which will be held in the week of March 2 – 9. Its dancers will tell

Heavy Borrowers and Near Failed States to Drive Hyperbitcoinization

A CIA World Factbook entry listing nations’ current account balances shows that big economies and near-failed states share something in common – massive debt. This liability making them strong cases for hyperbitcoinization, which could be exacerbated by an anticipated global