China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has released its latest crypto project ranking. Tron and EOS top the list out of the 35 crypto projects evaluated while Bitcoin has been downgraded slightly. The center also evaluated the projects independently based on basic technology, applicability, and creativity.

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March Ranking

The Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released the 11th update of its crypto project ranking report on Friday. The number of crypto projects evaluated this month was 35, unchanged from the previous month.

“The results show that the world’s three major Dapp platforms — EOS, Tron, [and] Ethereum — still rank in the top three, [and] the scores are 155.7, 146.7 and 142.8, respectively,” the center wrote. Tron debuted last month, replacing Ethereum as the second highest ranked project. EOS has been in the top spot since it started…

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