Following the recent price spike, there’s a lack of clarity as to where crypto markets will be heading from here. The importance of accurate predictions has never been more valuable to the cryptoconomy. A platform called Sparkprofit combines forecasts made by traders to produce a crowdsourced estimate of the future market movements.

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Learn How to Trade by Guessing Market Movements

Sparkprofit allows active traders and ordinary enthusiasts to make predictions about the markets of major commodities like gold, oil and natural gas, indices such as Dow Jones, Dax and Nikkei, forex pairs of major fiat currencies and the future prices of several leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Participants can check how good they are at estimating the next price move and learn how to trade digital assets in the process. Using real historical market data for reference, they can set a price range up and down from the current levels. If the market…

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