Mauricio Moura, a current director of the Central Bank of Brazil, stated that anonymity won’t be a choice when making cryptocurrency transactions in the country. The representative stated that, sooner or later, all users would have their transactions identified by the government. These comments came at an event promoted by the Institute of Professionals for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

Central Bank of Brazil: ‘Anonymity Won’t Be an Option’

Mauricio Moura, director of citizenship relations and supervision of conduct for the Central Bank of Brazil, stated that the coming regulation could ban anonymity in cryptocurrency transactions made in the country. Moura stated that the central bank is currently devising ways to achieve this objective jointly with the Brazilian Securities Commission. He declared:

I can’t say much. But the names of those involved in cryptocurrency operations will be known end-to-end. I can say that anonymity will not be an option.

Currently, all exchanges…

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