The Casa Node is an exciting product that promises plug-n-play functionality for those wishing to operate both a full Bitcoin node and a Lightning Network Node. The company sent us over two nodes — one for review, and another for a giveaway. Here’s our review! 

Casa Node’s Design: Simple and Discrete

The Casa Node’s design is simple and relatively understated. The node is essentially a small white box with a purple Casa logo stuck on the top — and that’s about it. Unlike a bulky or sometimes-atrocious-looking piece of mining equipment, Casa’s node is discrete. It will likely not be noticed by any guests chilling in its vicinity.

As such, it won’t be the most beautiful piece of tech in your household, nor will it be the ugliest. In reality, it should blend right in next to your wireless router, should you choose to place it there — which you probably will, since it requires a wired connection.

One particular design flaw, perhaps, is the fact that you have to — literally — plug the Casa node into itself….

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