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Currency Rates & Converter

The currency rates and converter is purely for informational use only and will not convert any currency. The switcher will adjust the cart numbers, but the actual value remains the same. Your method of payment is chosen during checkout, including the type of coin/token that you pay with.


EUR EUR 0.93200000
GBP GBP 0.79180000
INR INR 77.26000000
NGN NGN 604.94000000
USDT USDT 1.00100000
BTC BTC 0.00003452
ETH ETH 0.00056270
LTC LTC 0.01598000
DOGE DOGE 12.30000000
DSH DSH 0.00153100
XMR XMR 0.00581100
XNO XNO 35.99000000
SOL SOL 0.02341000
DOT DOT 0.10590000