Charles Hoskinson of Cardano fame has announced a new blockchain called “Atala.” The blockchain is being developed by Cardano’s parent company, IOHK, and it will be aimed at markets in Africa. Atala was originally announced a few weeks ago, but new coverage from Forbes has brought it into the spotlight.

Unlike Cardano, which is a public blockchain, Atala is an enterprise blockchain. This means that it is comparable to platforms like IBM Hyperledger and R3 Corda. However, those platforms are generally targeted at large companies and financial institutions, whereas Atala will initially be adopted by African governments.

A Blockchain for Africa

In the beginning, Atala will primarily be used in Ethiopia, and IOHK has already formed a partnership with the nation’s government. Hoskinson says the goal is to introduce a payment system for electricity bills and a blockchain ID system. This will reportedly involve a brand new cryptocurrency, not Cardano’s ADA token.

This sets Atala apart from other enterprise blockchains, which…

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