LydianCoin Offers 50% Discount to Crypto Community for 48 Hours, as Market Continues Its Efforts to Rebound · February 4, 2018 · 9:30 pm LydianCoin is currently LIVE with its ICO, with 10 days remaining. Due to the recent, cryptocurrency market fluctuation, the Company is offering the crypto community a 50% good-faith discount for the next

Karbo – Younger Brother of Monero with Extremely Low Fees and Mobile, Lite Wallets About to be Released – The Merkle

Cryptocurrency Karbo (formerly Karbowanec), was founded by Ukrainian volunteer and crypto enthusiasts as a free exchange medium – an egalitarian, decentralized system with improved privacy, in which the value of its units is based solely on demand and supply of

What Is Bytecoin? – The Merkle

Over the years, we have seen multiple privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies emerge. As most people are well aware, Monero seems to be holding all the best cards in this regard even though there is still room for improvement. Bytecoin is another project

Top 50 Cryptocurrencies Explained in 50 Sentences

With the vast amount of new blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms out there it is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a project to invest or get involved with. This article summarizes each of the top 50 cryptos, based on

The Early History of Monero in 500 Words

Many different cryptocurrencies have come and gone over the years. Most of them failed to provide privacy and anonymity features cryptocurrency users have been looking for. Monero is one of the main currencies delivering the goods in this respect. Now is a

Freewallet launched first-ever Bitcoin Cash wallet for iOS

Freewallet, a famous developer of user-friendly cryptowallets, has just released first-ever mobile Bitcoin Cash wallet for iOS. After Bitcoin hard fork that split the network into two on August 1st, all Bitcoin holders on Freewallet received their BCC coins without