Gift cards have become a popular payment tool for cryptocurrency users. Plenty of platforms now offer a wide variety of cards which can be purchased with your digital coins. You can use them to buy just about any product or service from major and small retailers, order food and drinks, or book a flight. And with the Christmas holidays approaching, don’t forget their main purpose is to make someone else happy.

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Why It Works

For various reasons, crypto enthusiasts in many countries find it hard to obtain a crypto debit card these days. They used to be a sought after payment instrument that expanded the use of decentralized digital currencies in a fiat-dominated world. However, many early offerings have disappeared and while there are new products in the niche, these now often come with more and more strings attached. Although limited to a specific retailer, crypto gift cards are much easier to acquire in comparison to debit cards.

Buy Presents or a Christmas Trip Using Gift Cards Purchased With Crypto

Bridging the gap between the crypto…

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