As the floodgates are opening for large businesses and corporations to enter the crypto market, you see increasing demand for an established digital asset management platform. Luckily, Unido is among just a few who fits these criteria, but with all the noise in the crypto space now, it is crucial to compare similar products and projects to understand the options and differences between platforms better.

Among the very few options today, this article will look at Fireblocks to analyze the different product offerings against the Unido ecosystem. Fireblocks is a digital asset management platform with similar product offerings as Unido, such as Multi Party Computation (MPC), DeFi integration, DeFi APIs, complete control over governance, and a thoroughly robust security system for digital assets.

Fireblocks vs. Unido

Fireblocks was founded in 2018 and is an end-to-end blockchain security platform that protects, stores, transfers, and issues digital assets to the blockchain/s while using Multi-Party Computation (MPC)….

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