On January 1, the BTC network hashrate touched an all-time high at close to 120 exahash per second (EH/s). Despite the crypto market lull and lower BTC prices, the 2020 milestone happened just before the blockchain’s 11th anniversary. BTC’s curious jump in hashrate has the cryptosphere wondering whether or not the price truly follows hashpower.

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BTC Hashrate Reaches Close to 120 Exahash per Second

One of the crypto community’s favorite topics is hash power, which is a cryptocurrency mining rig’s processing speed. The overall hashrate is the combined hash power used to mine cryptocurrencies like BCH, BTC, and a slew of other coins. The hashrate that analytical websites track is typically measured in calculated hashes per second. Data sites use terminology like ‘terahash’ (1,000,000,000,000 hashes per second), ‘petahash’ (one quadrillion hashes per second), and ‘exahash,’ which equals one quintillion hashes per second.

BTC's Hashrate Touches 120 Exahash, But the Price Has Not Followed
A number of BTC supporters believe…

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