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Very few cryptocurrency-related ecosystems can not sustainable growth. Brave is one of those projects that seemingly keeps gaining more popularity. 

There are many things to like about Brave, either as a browser or an ecosystem. 

Ongoing Brave Growth is Impressive

It is a very different way of browsing the internet or to create content for the World Wide Web.

Particularly among publishers, the ecosystem has gained a lot of traction.

To this date, over 350,000 publishers have become verified to accept BAT contributions from their readers.

Although this is not necessarily a massive money-making method, it is a viable alternative.

Not forcing annoying ads upon users is often the best course of action for everyone involved. 

It would appear a lot of Youtubers are getting in on the action.

YouTube recently changed its guidelines for content creators.

It is possible that will create significant revenue problems for  a lot of contributors.

Tapping into alternative payment streams at an early stage is never a bad approach. 


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