Brave, the renowned crypto-powered privacy browser, has been quietly dispelling speculation around the notion that it will be acquired by Facebook or another large company. The discussion was sparked last week when Brave CFO Holli Bohren was asked about the possibility of selling the company.

During a community AMA session, one commenter asked Bohren what a “successful exit” would look like—that is, what would happen if another company were to buy Brave. Bohren replied that she has worked on successful exits in the past, and said that an acquisition would preserve Brave’s values. She wrote:

“In Brave’s case, it is unlikely a buyer would overlook the BAT ecosystem … and any exit involving an acquisition would (by design) bind the acquirer to Brave’s brand values and to BAT’s economics going to large scale … Go big or go home!”

Eich Would Say No To Facebook

That statement doesn’t mean that Brave is being sold, but it isn’t exactly a condemnation of the idea, either. Bohren’s answer quickly prompted a…

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