Using bounties to seek solutions to various problems has proved to be a working approach for many projects in the crypto industry. Bounty.Cash is a platform that matches businesses and entrepreneurs with developers who are ready to solve issues with apps and features and get rewarded with bitcoin cash.

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Outsource a Problem, Pay With Bitcoin Cash

Bounty.Cash is a service that allows you to set bitcoin cash (BCH) bounties against bugs and vulnerabilities in open-source features and services. If your project needs to outsource the solution to a problem, you can place a bounty stating how much you are willing to pay for the completion of the task. At the same time, other users can also pledge additional amounts to the resolution of someone else’s bounty. Developers, on the other hand, will be paid directly in BCH when they fulfill the requirements.

Bounty.Cash Pairs Projects With Developers Finding Solutions for BCH

Bounties are classified in several categories – Apps and Features (bounties for new applications or…

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