BMAX 101 — Safe Yield Farming at Bitrue | by Bitrue | Apr, 2022

From the Bitrue blog.

The DeFi space has been expanding in a speed almost incomparable to technological innovations that come before. Blinded by record breaking APYs, investors are often forgot what really matters. Almost all of the time, investors are not warned of the risk associated with investing in an industry that has only been around for less than a decade. Rug pulls and scam have become really common in the industry, take Bitconnect and QuadrigaCX as examples. When choosing yield farms to deposit their money into, the credibility of the platform is equally as important as the returns on investment.

Bitrue is one of the early players in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, established in 2018, with no record of violation against existing laws. In fact, the exchange has gone through the bear market of 2018–2019, managing to stay afloat by putting customer satisfaction above anything else. Although we are in a growth stage, and while there are still many things that we can improve on, our exchange is proven to be trustworthy. Bitrue aspires to stay in the game for the long run, and we wish to achieve that by doing honest and legal business. Yield farms at Bitrue, including BMAX farms, are strictly monitored by a team of experts, with the goal of providing our customers with maximum returns and minimum risk. Investments at Bitrue are guaranteed to be safe and secure. In addition to this, funds can be unbonded anytime, with the maximum pending period of one day.

That being said, we hope that all of our customers can rest assured, knowing that their funds are in safe hands and managed cautiously.

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