BMAX 101- Massive Passive Income for Newbies / Busy Bees | by Bitrue | May, 2022

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Market cycles are a natural part of trading and investing in every asset class. Although the popularity of crypto fluctuates along with the bullishness and bearishness of the market, what most people do not know is that it is still possible to earn massive passive income by investing in crypto during bearish or sideways markets.

When the market does not have a clear upward trajectory, investors are advised to allocate their funds into yield farms where they can still earn some income without having to engage in trading activities manually. Trading during bull markets in crypto is hard enough with the underlying volatility, trading during a bear market is not a walk in the park for those who are new to crypto. Navigating through difficult market situations requires users to have a certain level of knowledge regarding the industry to avoid unwanted losses. As with any kind of business, many individuals do not have the time and resources to dedicate to studying on the markets, often making trading cryptocurrencies too troublesome.

BMAX yield farms solves this problem. With BMAX yield farms, investors no longer have to constantly monitor their screens to secure earnings, rather they can enjoy a fixed yield given by depositing in these farms. Investors do not need to have plenty of prior knowledge before participating in these farms, as it is very simple and APYs are guaranteed at a fixed rate. The BMAX yield farm is designed to be very safe, with three hedging investment vehicles, however still maximizing earnings with fixed APYs ranging from 15% up to 100%. This APY range, although it seems ordinary among existing DeFi projects, is actually much more than what investors can get than investing in traditional banks and hedge funds. At Bitrue, we want to prioritize the security of customers’ funds, therefore we opt to stick to APYs that can give customers a high enough return, but at the same time avoiding promising APYs that are too good to be true, that could impose serious risk of loss to the customer’s funds. BMAX yield farms are the perfect balance between high returns and risk management, it is the best choice for earning passive income in this industry.

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