Blox is an app that aims to deliver cryptocurrency asset tracking, bookkeeping, and management in a system designed to be precise, automated, and efficient. Blox’s goal is to give their users a clearer picture of their current cryptocurrency assets, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Companies and developers can utilize the robust and scalable Blox API. This API allows them to fetch and interpret blockchain data efficiently. Users can also automatically sync wallets and exchanges, view full transaction histories, export, and collaborate with team members.

Blox Key Features

Blox includes auto track and sync, which connects your Blox account to an exchange, and wallet accounts without any limit as to how many you can connect. The data is retrieved automatically for your convenience.

The platform offers financial transparency thanks to its shareable workspace. This includes full audit support for auditors, CPAs, and management to take advantage of.

There is also a real-time dashboard that will show you the crucial…

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