data theft

Ethereum’s DeFi industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but not all solutions are safe from harm. In the case of BlockFi, there was a recent data theft, although no funds are affected at this time.

The data theft in question seemingly dates back to May 14, according to an official post by BlockFi.

A Major BlockFi Data Theft

Due to the temporary data breach, client data has been exposed to third-party criminals.

Any unauthorized intrusion was quickly negated, yet there is still ample reason for concern.

This theft is made possible thanks to a BlockFi employee becoming the victim of a SIM swap. 

As such, the hacker – or hackers – attempted to make various withdrawals of user funds.

Thankfully, those withdrawals were flagged immediately and no money has been stolen in the process. 

That being said, the information that was accessed is rather worrisome.

It contains names, email addresses, physical addresses, and dates of birth.

A lot of harm can be done with this type of information, or it can be sold on the darknet markets for a…

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