It’s become somewhat of a cliché when prominent finance
types say they can see a future for blockchain technology, but they’re not so
sure about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and the blockchain is the
technology that underpins it. 

Members of the “blockchain, not bitcoin” club include J.P.
Morgan CEO Jamie
Blackstone CEO Steve
, and Operations and Technology Officer of Bank Of America Catherine

It’s a popular trope for a reason. In business, blockchain
has the potential to trim costs, secure information efficiently, and remove
middlemen. As my colleague Robert Hackett wrote
in a 2017 feature
, “Underneath the crypto-hysteria is a grand innovation in
the humble realm of accounting.”

Today, my colleague Jeff John Roberts has two interesting
stories out about how the blockchain can shake up the financial world. First, he
interviews Alex Tapscott, the author of the best-selling book Blockchain

Roberts spoke with him about how the world of blockchain…

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