When Satoshi Nakamoto published Bitcoin’s (BTC) whitepaper in 2008, the overarching goal was to create a new currency system. Although we’ve not reached a point where a singular, decentralized system is commonplace, this early idea is reshaping our current financial world.

Although the innovations may not be as dramatic or decentralized as some would hope, the way we process transactions is changing. Thanks to major institutions embracing blockchains, a symbiosis has occurred over the last five years. As traditional banking systems gradually merge with new technology, new ideas are forming, giving rise to a decentralized financial world.

The History of Blockchains and the Financial Industry

Blockchain has significantly reshaped the financial industry over the last decade. Image source: Sashkin/Shutterstock.com

We can trace the…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/blockchains-changing-the-banking-game-how-ripple-et-al-have-improved-financial-transactions/