As crypto winter subsides, spring has sprung in the cryptosphere, ushering in green shoots of growth across the board. Attention has largely focused on the increase in digital asset prices, as cryptocurrencies have swelled by an average of 40% in 2019. But away from the frothy market action, there is far more tangible evidence that the worst of the downturn is over. Scores of crypto projects have reported renewed interest from investors, signaling that better times are ahead.

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Crypto Spring Is in Full Bloom

There is still significant debate as to whether we’ve officially exited the bear market that has dragged on since early 2018. Some commenters, such as Vinny Lingham, believe BTC will have to surpass $6K territory again for that to occur. Regardless of whether bitcoin’s cup is currently deemed to be half full or half empty, what’s indisputable is that raising funds has become significantly easier for crypto projects since the market perked up a months ago….

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