I’ve always been fascinated by the videogames industry. For over two decades now, I’ve watched it evolve and change at a much faster pace than any entertainment medium before it.

Given its technology-driven nature, it’s no surprise that video gaming has been able to grow so much, so quickly. Even more so than other technology-based forms of entertainment, such as cinema and television, the games industry has been able to utilize the latest advancements in computing, communications and connectivity to develop more sophisticated products, create ground-breaking experiences and foster fan communities.

Blockchain growth in Online Gaming

Of all the technologies that has helped shape the modern video gaming landscape, Internet has had the most profound impact on the sector. It allowed people to play games together, to compete with one another, to share a gaming experience with their friends. It allowed the medium to become the entertainment behemoth it is today.

Internet, of course, has had a transformative impact on many other…

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