CryptoFights, a PvP fighting game powered by blockchain technology, recently announced its plans to migrate to the  Bitcoin SV Blockchain for its on-chain battles in an effort to improve the user experience and position itself as a leader in this emerging industry.

The developers of the game, which is not yet fully finished but already has certain features available, decided to take advantage of Bitcoin SV’s potential to efficiently process a significant number of transactions thanks to the size of its blocks.

Bitcoin SV: A Better Choice for Battles, Enjin: A Better Choice for Items

Similarly, on their website, the developers point out a “philosophical” reason behind this decision. The team believes that the blockchain backed by Craig Wright is the real Bitcoin, and has greater potential to scale and remain stable in the face of a high number of operations.

Previously, the game was scheduled for battles to run in an Ethereum sidechain. Inventories of the various heroes would be stored using ERC-1155 tokens.

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