On August 6, the blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis published a report that analyzes cryptocurrency trends across various regions worldwide. According to the statistics, North America purchases and holds more bitcoin than any other region. Bitcoin also accounts for the largest share of U.S. crypto asset activity with 72% of all the transaction volume.

The blockchain analytics company Chainalysis published an excerpt from the firm’s upcoming “2020 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report” which shows an interesting perspective of geographic crypto hot spots.

As far as numbers are concerned, in 2020 East Asia is the most active region worldwide in regard to cryptocurrency volume moved onchain. The report notes that East Asia is followed by Western Europe and North America. During the last 12-months, North America accrued 14.8% of all the crypto asset activity.

Blockchain Analytics Show Altcoins 2x More Prominent in East Asia Compared to North America

“North America also hosts a growing class of institutional investors moving even larger transfers of cryptocurrency than those we typically see from professional traders,”…

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/blockchain-analytics-show-altcoins-2x-more-prominent-in-east-asia-compared-to-north-america/