Bitrue Welcomes ETH 2.0 Merge!. Dear Bitruers, | by Bitrue | Aug, 2022

From the Bitrue blog.

  • Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Bitcoin and the world’s first & most prominent altcoin. Ethereum is the largest ecosystem in the industry with the most number of decentralized applications (dApps) built on its chain. In fact, it was Ethereum that first introduced the concept of decentralized smart contracts, taking the utility of blockchain ledger to the next level. These decentralized smart contracts allow for the development of the dApps that we now see often. Having the first mover advantage, Ethereum’s ecosystem now hosts more than 1.45 million smart contracts as of early 2022! If you take a look at all the assets available on Bitrue you’ll find that most of the tokens are ERC-20 assets, or tokens built on Ethereum’s powerful mainnet.
  • So if Ethereum is so great then why does it need to change its consensus mechanism?

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