Bitrue Weekly Listing Highlights. Period: Aug 13 to Aug 19 | by Bitrue | Aug, 2022

From the Bitrue blog.

Frax Finance FRAX

1.6900 | FRAXUSDT | Bitrue

Frax Finance is the first crypto native CPI ( Frax Finance Index ) $FPI, an algorithmic stablecoin partially backed by collateral. By combining collateralization and algorithmic to establish a collateral ratio which varies from time to time.

Aleph Zero

1.2874 | AZEROUSDT | Bitrue

Aleph Zero is a privacy — enhancing public blockchain with instant finality that uses DAG infrastructure instead of normal blockchain, introducing a privacy layer using zk SNARK and MPC Technology called Liminal.

Function X FX

0.3497 | FXUSDT | Bitrue

Function X is built on the Ethereum ecosystem, which comprises a core blockchain for Decentralized Applications and cross — chain protocol. Function X enables users to pay for services such as data storage and smart contracts creation.


0.008880 | NMKR | Bitrue

Formerly known as NFT-MAKER, NMKR is a multi — chain NFT Ecosystem platform developing tools for onboarding, minting, and selling NFT. The $NMKR is a Cardano native token which powers the NFT-MAKER ecosystem.

Umami Finance UMAMI

37.9999 | UMAMI | Bitrue

Umami Finance is a protocol that pioneers the institutional adoption of Decentralized Finance which is built on the Arbitrum network with an expanding ecosystem of strategy and generates sustainable, risk — free, Arbitrum yield on digital assets.

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