Bitrue Weekly Listing Highlights. July 2 to July 8 | by Bitrue | Jul, 2022

From the Bitrue blog.

0.008001 | DOMEUSDT | Bitrue

Created in BNB Chain, Everdome is taking on the metaverse by a storm. With Unreal Engine, Everdome pleases the eyes by using hyper realistic graphics in gaming and the metaverse itself. Everdome evolves the metaverse by aiming to create realistic avatars and dimensions. By combining 3D scan technology and VR AR technology, Everdome plans to create the Metaverse 3.0 Experience into reality.

0.00000560 | ASTBTC | Bitrue

Airswap is a DEX ( Decentralized Exchange ), specializing in Peer — to — Peer ERC20 tokens trade by using blockchain technology and smart contracts. By allowing users to trade tokens directly between each other, Airswap enables users or parties to negotiate directly and identify potential counterparties.

0.200120 | DYP | Bitrue

DeFi Yield Protocol is built in the Ethereum ecosystem which provides answers to the issues for Yield Farming, Staking, and NFTs. DeFi Yield Protocol also enables their users to leverage trading tools in their platform. DeFi Yield Protocol eliminates the side effect of impermanent loss, allowing users to earn much more in the staking system.

2.203 | INDEXUSDT | Bitrue

Index Coop is a DAO ( Decentralized Autonomous Organization ) Asset Manager which is governed and maintained by INDEX Token Holders which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Their goal is to maintain the native structured cryptos built on DeFi assets management primitives.

0.005760 | ARMORUSDT | Bitrue

As a DeFi insurance broker and aggregator, Armor Protocol solves problematic issues that exist in DeFi space. Armor Protocol removes the need for KYC to simplify the overall process for users by offering the “Pay as you go” Model across various protocols. Armor Protocol protects the users funds by enabling full compensation in case said protocol is hacked according to the Nexus Mutual policies.

0.7680 | GRO | Bitrue

As noticed from its name, Gro DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization Yield Optimizer which focuses on Yield Aggregator that tranches risk and yield by enabling leverage and protection. Gro DAO provides the tools users need to create wealth by combining decentralized and legacy old school finance to balance users yield and risk preferences.

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