Bitrue Weekly Listing Highlights. July 16 — July 22 | by Bitrue | Jul, 2022

From the Bitrue blog.

0.110000 | AVGUSDT | Bitrue

Avocado DAO is a metaverse gaming company focused on bridging players into the metaverse by empowering and educating people around the world on the blockchain gaming industry and technology. AVG Token is built on ERC-20 Ethereum network which is used for DAO Governance, rewards, staking, and many other features.

0.004513 | BOLTUSDT | Bitrue

Bolt Global is a Web3 Live entertainment, social networking, and gaming experience platform specialized for content creators, gamers, and streamers to monetize their content by earning crypto with ease and security of the Binance Ecosystem. Partnered with VIDAA OS and Hisense Smart TV, Bolt allows the integration with Smart TVs.

1.0120 | EURTUSDT | Bitrue

Euro Tether is a Euro — pegged stablecoin supported by the company Tether which also operates USD Tether known as USDT. It operates and issues blockchain based tokens that are linked to the price of government currencies, which in this case is Euro. EURT mirrors the Euro currency to provide an exchange value in crypto using a familiar accounting unit.

0.650029 | KARUSDT | Bitrue

Designed to operate as a DeFi hub on Kusama, Karura is a Layer-1 Blockchain platform and also a suite of DeFi applications built with the intention to allow developers to create financial applications for their users. Karura is designed to perform as a hub for decentralized finance on the blockchain which is similar to Acala’s role on Polkadot.

0.009069 | OGV | Bitrue

Origin Protocol has just released the token OGV as a governance token for their stablecoin OUSD which previously was governed by OGN token. Similar to the Curve, now the OGV token shall be the governance token for OUSD via a veOGV mechanism which distributes voting power and economics to the most committed to the long — term success of the protocol. With the coming of OGV token, it will further incentivize the protocol growth and adoption.

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