Bitrue: Leading the Way for XRP Adoption and Support | by Bitrue | Jul, 2023

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At Bitrue, we understand the ever-changing landscape of the cryptocurrency world. When we launched in 2018, we immediately recognized the immense potential of XRP, despite other exchanges overlooking it. That’s why we elevated XRP to one of our Top 4 base currencies, enabling users to trade dozens of altcoins directly with XRP as a base currency. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of thousands of XRP holders seeking an exchange that would support their favorite asset. We were more than happy to step in and fill that void.

Supporting New Features: Our Commitment to XRP

Bitrue has always prioritized the usage of XRP in all of our newly launched features. We are proud to have been the first exchange in the world to offer a staking product, with XRP being among the initial batch of coins eligible for investment. We also made XRP the first token available for our loan service, as well as our Yield Farming and Futures services.

We strive to stay ahead in supporting the XRP ecosystem. That’s why we were the first exchange to launch support for PayString, an innovative solution for turning XRP addresses from long strings of unmemorable characters into a simplified email-like format. Additionally, we have been long-time advocates for XRP Ledger native tokens and maintain a close collaboration with projects like CasinoCoin, which develop on the XRPL.

Never Delisted: Our Unyielding Support for XRP

In late 2020, the cryptocurrency community witnessed a bombshell lawsuit against Ripple, the curators of XRPL, by the American Securities and Exchange Commission. This lawsuit alleged the unlawful sale of securities through XRP, leading many exchanges to delist the asset and causing its price to plummet.

Despite this unprecedented situation, we at Bitrue remained resolute in our support for XRP. We categorically refused to remove XRP from any of our services. Throughout the entire existence of our exchange, we have continuously provided XRP trading, investment opportunities, and more.

Looking Towards the Future: Embracing Potential Opportunities

We at Bitrue see the recent positive ruling as a potential watershed moment for the broader crypto ecosystem. It highlights the distinct differences and opportunities presented by elements such as smart contracts and algorithmic currencies. Despite the challenges faced by Ripple and XRP in recent years, we believe in confronting these obstacles head-on and continuing to progress and develop.

From a market perspective, the ruling has had a significant impact, strengthening XRP’s position among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. At the time of writing, we have witnessed an impressive surge of 76%, with XRP reaching $0.79 per coin. This surge not only presents opportunities for those who sold during the uncertain period but also attracts speculators trading based on the news. We eagerly await to see where XRP’s price settles in due course.

Although XRP is still below its historic all-time high, its supporters undoubtedly welcome this ruling. At Bitrue, we have always prioritized the usage of XRP and supported the XRP ecosystem. We were among the first exchange in the world to offer XRP staking, and XRP was one of the handful of currencies listed on our exchange when we were founded in 2018.

Following the ruling, we observed several other exchanges relisting XRP, increased trading volumes, and price action. We are proud to have remained a steadfast partner with Ripple throughout this journey, and we will continue to lead the way in supporting XRP adoption and contributing to its bright future.

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