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| 6.2.2023 -12.2.2023 |

Siberian crypto mining operations are supported by Russian government — In recent months, there have been moratoria placed on the cryptocurrency mining sector in several regions of the US and Canada. Russia now offers tax breaks to people who want to participate in cryptocurrency mining. East Siberia’s new $12 million crypto mining facility will debut with direct assistance from the government.

U.S. officials pressuring banks to cut ties with cryptocurrency companies — Authorities in the United States appear to be reviving old strategies to target cryptocurrency companies and banks that provide services to the sector. According to Nic Carter, co-founder of venture capital firm Castle Island and cryptocurrency intelligence company Coin Metrics, the alleged strategy entails isolating the conventional financial system from the cryptocurrency market by relying on “multiple agencies to discourage banks from dealing with crypto firms” to cause crypto businesses to become “completely unbanked.”

The Sandbox and Saudi Arabia collaborate on future metaverse plans — The Sandbox and the Saudi Arabian government signed an MOU during a ceremony marking their partnership at the Leap 2023 conference in Saudi Arabia. As the Leap conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, emphasizes important issues in the sector, initiatives for metaverse development remain a prominent emphasis and major interest in the Middle East.

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