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| 3.1.2023–9.1.2023 |

Coinbase settles for $100 million over failure to conduct background checks — Well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was found to have broken AML regulations by not carrying out sufficient background checks, according to New York financial authorities. Coinbase must spend an additional $50 million on enhancing its compliance programme in addition to paying a $50 million fine to the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Morocco finalized its cryptocurrency regulatory framework — The legislation, which should be presented for public comment in the coming days, will officially define cryptocurrency in the rapidly expanding sector. The first cryptocurrency bill in Morocco could be tabled “in the next days.” The Central Bank has already written the document, which will be discussed with key players in the sector.

New Core Development Funds Have Been Announced by the Dogecoin Foundation — The Dogecoin Foundation, a nonprofit organisation, recently launched a new 5,000,000 DOGE development fund to aid in the creation of the first-ever meme coin. A portion of the money will go to developers that improve the ecosystem of the coin.

Listen to the recording of the Twitter Spaces . In conjunction with the Flare Token Distribution Event on 9th January 2023, we have invited Hugo Philion, Co-founder and CEO of Flare Network to sit down for an interview with our Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Robert Quartly-Janeiro.

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