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STEPN Integrates Apple Pay, Expands Accessibility — The integration of Apple Pay as a fiat onramp for in-app purchases by the Web3 Move-to-Earn game, STEPN, enhances accessibility and eliminates the need for users to rely on external marketplaces. This integration simplifies the transaction process and offers a more engaging and accessible experience for users. Additionally, the introduction of the “Badges & Achievement system” exclusively for iOS users further enhances the gaming experience by providing incentives and rewards.

Binance Refutes Allegations of Mixing User Funds — Binance has faced allegations of mixing user funds with the company’s revenue during the period of 2020–2021. However, Binance’s Chief Communications Officer dismissed these allegations as a desperate move to publish a negative story. The company emphasizes its commitment to security and compliance in the face of ongoing regulatory challenges.

Terra Classic Implements Upgrade for Revitalization — The Terra Classic (LUNC) community has implemented an upgrade to support its revitalization plan. The recent upgrade increased the burn tax rate to 0.5%, aiming to boost the burn initiative and contribute to the asset’s recovery goal. This development has garnered support from notable exchanges, potentially revitalizing interest in the Terra Classic ecosystem.

Mastercard Acknowledges Blockchain’s Value in Financial Services — Mastercard recognizes the potential value of crypto and blockchain in the financial industry but emphasizes the importance of addressing security and usability concerns to build trust. The company’s executives emphasize the need for interoperability and underlying security of trust to facilitate global scalability of these technologies. Mastercard aims to provide a technological foundation for both traditional and new players to innovate and build upon in the Web3 industry.

GTA 6 Rumored to Adopt Play-to-Earn Model and Crypto Rewards — Leaked information suggests that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 video game may adopt a play-to-earn gaming and business model, enabling players to earn crypto in real life. Although details about gameplay mechanics and micro-transactions remain unknown, the incorporation of blockchain technology and the potential use of Bitcoin as a payment method and reward token are speculated. This approach could transform gaming into an additional income source and revolutionize player engagement.

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