Bitpay, a global cryptocurrency payment processing firm has made it known that it has partnered with Refundo, a tax-related financial products and services provider. Through this partnership, U.S. taxpayer will be able to receive all or a portion of their federal and state tax refunds in crypto.

Bitpay and Refundo Making Tax Season Less Stressful

Refundo which is a leading tax service provider founded in 2011 provides taxpayers with professional financial services which entails refund transfers, advances, and refunds.

The tax focused firm made it known that its recent partnership with Bitpay help fosters a more transparent and seamless experience during tax season. The firm is also of the belief that the underbanked population stand the most chance of benefiting from a refund experience tied to crypto. This is mainly because the initiative will help bridge the gap for individuals with alternative banking needs.

In its announcement, Roger Chinchilla, CEO at Refundo stated that:

“Refundo offers several options to help taxpayers…

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