Bitcoin Fraudsters Set to be Deported from Philippines

Two Asian nationals are set to be deported from the Philippines to their respective countries. Their respective countries want the two individuals accused of economic crimes which include Bitcoin fraud. PH Government Ridding the Country of Bitcoin Con Artists According

Industry Leaders Want Clarity, Alliance Capitals Earns FINMA Warning

Regulation In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency regulations, industry leaders have urged U.S. lawmakers to provide regulatory clarity or risk a crypto firm exodus, a Greek representative to the European Parliament has advocated for a lightweight cryptocurrency apparatus to avoid

North Dakota Issues Orders Against Bitconnect, Magma, Pension Rewards

Regulation The securities department of the US state of North Dakota has issued orders against three companies promoting initial coin offerings in the state. They are Bitconnect, Magma Foundation, and Pension Rewards. The investigations are part of Operation Cryptosweep which

Colorado Investigating Three Cryptocurrency Firms

Regulation The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies is investigating three cryptocurrency firms for promoting unregistered initial coin offerings in the state. The investigations are part of a growing trend of fraudulent companies looking to make quick money. All three firms

Indian Authorities Nab High-Profile Bitcoin Scammers

As India still remains uncertain regarding its regulatory framework for digital currency operations, a number of high-profile fraud cases involving Bitcoin have come to light. Police authorities from the Indian State of Chandigarh recently arrested Amit Bharadwaj for his role in a