The Lightning Torch transaction relay using Bitcoin’ and the Lightning Network has crossed the border to Iran, days after complaints about censorship among participants.

Satoshis Over Censorship

Lightning Torch, which involves Bitcoin users passing around a transaction on the Lightning Network, adding funds and sending it forward, has gained significant interest since it began its journey in January.

The brainchild of the Twitter user known as hodlonaut, over 230 people have now held the ‘Torch,’ which emanates the Olympic Flame.

Lightning torch lightning network bitcoin

Despite being designed to prove the borderless, decentralized qualities of both Bitcoin and Lightning for payments, the project faced rare criticism last week after one participant refused to send the transaction to a recipient in Iran.

That recipient was Coinex executive Ziya Sadr, who appeared to gain community support after Peach Inc. senior software engineer Vijay Boyapati claimed political factors prevented him from involving him.

“Very sad that two peaceful people cannot transact with…

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