The bitcoin price has inspired numerous bets over the years, mainly along the lines of ‘X amount by this date.’ Now, Bitcoinist‘s very own technical analyst, fil₿fil₿, has joined the fun — with a bet on Bitcoin’s bottom. 

It Started With A Diss

The whole thing started when upcoming crypto-analyst @Sawcruhteez tweeted a pessimistic prediction. Unless bitcoin breaks a year-long declining trend-line by May, he suggested, we could see a drop similar to last November. He included a chart of how this may look, with bitcoin price down to under $1000.

Lucid Investments’ Leah Wald then jumped onboard, while plugging Lucid’s Hyperwave theory, which @Sawcruhteez supposedly uses in his trading strategy. She signed off with a provocative challenge:

How y’all feeling bulls?

I Never Thought It Would Come To This

Turns out fil₿fil₿ was feeling just fine, thank you very much — certainly confident enough to oppose any bet that Bitcoin would trade under $1000. His proposed winning condition for the one-BTC bet was…

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