Bitcoin is Seeing More Transaction Volume Than Gold

Despite the sluggish price, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency has been settling more transaction volume than gold since Q2 2017. Bitcoin Showing More Utility Than Gold Bitcoin 00 is on track to clear more transaction volume than the global gold markets. Bitcoin

Altcoin Purge Begins: Okex Delists 28 Token Pairs

News As part of what some observers are calling a purge of alternative coins during the cryptocurrency bear market, Hong Kong-based exchange Okex announced they would be delisting and hiding certain token pairs, more than two dozen in total. It

Huobi Launches Partner Exchanges in Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada

News Chinese exchange Huobi and its partners are launching cryptocurrency exchanges in five regions: the Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Canada. Partners “share Huobi’s order integration system, wallet system, asset management and clearing systems.” The exchange in Manila has launched

Bitcoin Stickers Attract Unwanted Attention from Authorities

News Bitcoin, while becoming more widely known and a little better understood among the general public, is still considered suspicious among rank and file security folk such as customs and airport agents. Security expert Matt Mitchell warns enthusiasts might want

Chinese Courts Face Hundreds of Crypto Cases, Struggle with Rulings

Regulation Falling crypto prices have been blamed for a growing number of crypto-related legal disputes in China. Unclear regulations and unofficial restrictions are making it harder for courts to resolve these cases. Many of them involve cryptocurrency trading which is