According to recent estimates, bitcoin mining in 2020 is expected to take off at an explosive pace. Miners are predicted to mine around $3 billion worth of BTC as per the coin’s current price.

Bitcoin mining has always been a crucial part of the BTC network. Mining involves validating transactions, adding blocks to the blockchain, which leads to the production of new BTC adding to bitcoin’s total supply

It has been growing at a pretty steady rate over the years, and as more people became interested, bitcoin mining difficulty continued to appreciate. Meanwhile, two subsequent BTC halvings led to an increase in the bitcoin price due to reduced supply and increased demand.

Bitcoin Mining Threatened by Volatility, What Can be Done?

Bitcoin’s infamous price volatility has both been rewarding and besetting for all market participants. BTC miners especially have had a tough time navigating through this volatility, as it affected the coin’s value, and therefore — their earnings. The extreme bitcoin price movement in 2018 led to many…

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