The 100 largest wallets (holding 10,000-100,000 BTC) excluding exchanges accumulated over 150,000 bitcoin in the past two months. 

Do the Bart

In all the woe and misery of the crypto-winter, we can often find some meagre warmth from a positive story. An uplifting tale of a plucky hero, bucking the trend, and beating the system. Well this is not that story. While the rest of us felt the pain of Sunday’s ‘Bart’ on the chart, Bitcoin whales were busy accumulating coins. So that’s nice… for them.

Bitcoin price btc price chart down

Last week saw some interesting movement in bitcoin, with the price 00 jumping first to $4000, then again on Saturday to briefly hit $4200. Unfortunately, Sunday saw a reversal, with price dropping back to $3800. Still a good $200 more than it had been trading at, but not the breakout hoped for.

Of course, it wasn’t all bad news,…

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