Bitcoin’s recent rapid ascent has continued
throughout the week even as several minor crises befell the cryptocurrency.

On Thursday (May 10) the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange reported a high price of $6,388 for bitcoin. On its own, that number may seem unimportant, but it is interesting to note how far bitcoin’s valuation has increased recently. At the start of the year, the digital currency was valued below $4,000.

Over the proceeding months, bitcoin has
continued to push ahead as the leading cryptocurrency on the markets and has a
six-month-high 60% market share. Bitcoin has become increasingly useful even
for everyday users, who use the currency to perform transactions, such as using
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or to pay for services.

While analysts are at a loss to explain the
surge in value over this week, bitcoin has simply continued to improve, rising
7% over the last three days.

Market success has also continued despite
problems facing the cryptocurrency. For example, this week the Malta-based

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