TheMerkle_ViaBTC Fees

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise to popularity over the past decade has created a tailwind that has driven a significant number of traders into the nascent crypto markets, primarily because of the frequent volatility that Bitcoin and other digital assets incur on a regular basis.

The massive increase in the number of Bitcoin traders in recent times has led to the emergence of a deluge of different platforms that allow traders to utilize margin and other trading tools to enhance their profitability, and fees are one of the main factors that prospective users should look towards when deciding which platform they want to utilize.

Trading fees are fairly straight forward, but there is one other factor – called “bid/ask spread” – that can have a massive impact on trader’s profitability, and this is an imperative factor to be aware of when determining where you want to trade.

How Trading Fees on Top Margin Exchanges Stack Up

Because of the multitude of different platforms available to individuals looking to utilize margin to trade…

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