Bitcoin, Tesla Stocks Both Up 32% YTD, Can Crypto Pull Ahead?

The year-to-date gains of Bitcoin (BTC) and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) are both tied right now at 32% (at time of writing). Curiously, this stock has been behaving quite similar to the crypto markets.

Bitcoin Still More Volatile, Shows Potential for Bigger Move
The question remains whether bitcoin will be capable of a bigger climb, now that prices have established themselves well above $9,300. In general, crypto markets, particularly bitcoin, can appreciate much faster than most stocks, even if the stock is TSLA.
The price of TSLA had a wild run from the start of 2020, going as far as to wreck short sellers. The Tesla success hinges on Millennial sentiment toward the company, making its rally resemble the crypto market. But SpaceOne also added to the tock’s uptrend, with new impressive tests of mid-launch emergency landing.
BTC, on the…

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