Bitcoin SV Sets the Stage for Extreme Price Crash

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) rally did not manage to keep up to its highest level. For now, BSV survives with significant gains, but the price is yet to dump.

Bitcoin SV Exploded in Early 2020, but Rally Viewed with Suspicion
Bitcoin SV, with its market price igniting at the beginning of 2020, has already completed another episode of unusual price action. The asset bounced off the $260 range, only to rally back above $314. BSV hovers close to its highs at 0.03 BTC, a position not seen since the asset forked in November 2018.
But just like last time, which led BSV above $330, the price action is viewed with suspicion. During the past rally, some evidence of faked volumes and wash trading were seen. But the overall expectation is that the current price range cannot hold.

This is how I expect this entire saga to unfold….

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