Bitcoin SV (BSV) has rallied strongly in January, expanding its price by 50%. The project’s proponents spent the past few months promising “something big” for the coin.

Bitcoin SV Attempts to Gain Recognition While Price Pumps
So far, the big news that BSV proponent, Calvin Ayre, has yet to announce has resulted in a pump in price, though nothing unusual according to the standards in the crypto space. Following the pump, Bitcoin SV moved up the charts, displacing Binance Coin (BNB) after busy weekend price action.
This recent occurrence has added significant fuel to the fiery feud between BSV supporters and Binance, after the leading crypto exchange delisted BSV last year due to Craig Wright’s lawsuit campaign against prominent crypto twitter figures.

How ironic. 😆 Bitcoin SV overtakes the coin (Binance Coin #BNB) of the exchange (Binance) that initiated its delisting in many other exchanges months ago. I’m sure @cz_binance is reminded of that move looking at this today. #BSV #Bitcoin
— Marquez Comelab…

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