Bitcoin Price Analysis (BTC/USD)

After a sharp dip that took place back on 10 of August at 11:00, the market seemed to have taken a pause to consolidate on an intraday price chart.  Hourly resistance level $11536.91 continues with support level defined at $11341.29. Notably, both the significant level was tested in several instances.  

Additionally, the intertwined moving averages confirmed the lack of dominance in the market momentum.  The RSI indicator was seen declining Northway that signaled an increase in bearish outlook that also reflected an increase in sell-offs.  Despite the bearish pressure, the market of BTC has slightly gained by 0.02% having moved from $11344.06 to $11345.84.  

The downward movement has brought the market capitalization of BTC to the tune of $203,080,523,766 over the last 24hrs.  According to analyst until Bitcoin’s halving the price of BTC could be on a tight range between the resistance level $11536.00 and the support level $9000.0.

bitcoin btc price chart 8/13/19

Bitcoin Price Prediction (BTC/USD)

Currently, all the…

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