Bitcoinist spoke with Michael Caras who calls himself the ‘Bitcoin Rabbi.’ Caras explains how Bitcoin fits in with the Jewish religion and how his new children’s book ‘Bitcoin Money’ introduces kids to the concept of hard money.

Bitcoin Rabbi: Limited Supply Is the Most Important Thing to Explain to People

Bitcoinist: Are you a real Rabbi?

Bitcoin Rabbi: I am an Orthodox Rabbi. I studied in Yeshiva Ohr Tmimim in Kfar Chabad, Israel and received my Rabbincal ordination. I am not a pulpit rabbi with a community. I am a teacher; I teach Jewish subjects in a Jewish day school, I’m on the board of a synagogue and I organize many of our community services and events.

How and when did you get introduced to Bitcoin?

I was always interested in Austrian economics and libertarian philosophy. In mid-2017 my brother told me that he had bought some bitcoin and that the price was rising quickly, so I started looking into it. I watched several hours of Andreas Antonopoulos videos and did some other reading online and quickly…

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