Bitcoin Core developer Luke-jr has delivered an April Fools Day joke for Bitcoin users, lobbying for a market-wide minimum Bitcoin price of $50,000.

Fighting ‘Unreasonably Low Prices’

In what will likely become one of the more popular gags for this year’s event, which traditionally sees crypto-related media and social media flooded with industry-specific fake news, Luke-jr decided current Bitcoin price levels must end.

To resolve the situation, the network should accept two Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) to engineer a minimum price for BTC/USD of $50,000.

“Certain parts of the community have been selling bitcoins for unreasonably low prices. This has halted Bitcoin’s valuation at $20k and even driven the price down below $15k!” he wrote in a circular to the Bitcoin Core mailing list.

However, clearly Bitcoin is worth much more than that, and there is widespread support for higher prices. In light of this, I have written and implemented two BIPs: one to add a signed price field to Bitcoin transactions, and…

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