bitcoin price surge reasons

CEO of DoubleLine Capital, Jeffrey Gundlach, recently spoke about his predictions for 2020 and beyond, saying that the USD is likely to weaken and Bitcoin could reach $15,000. 

USD likely to weaken in 2020
Jeffrey Gundlach, the so-called bond guru and the CEO and chief investment officer for a $150b investment fund, DoubleLine Capital, recently gave his predictions for the short-term future of the US economy. Most of his predictions are based on one single assumption, which is that the US dollar will weaken in the near future.
Gundlach is basing this forecast on several major reasons, including the fact that the Federal Reserve continues to print money, but also the fact that foreigners are starting to divest from the United States. Finally, he mentions a major budget deficit as the third major reason for the upcoming weakening of…

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