Bitcoin price has gone parabolic. The past week saw its value go up nearly a whopping 40 percent. But is it now time for a blow-off top or full FOMO to the moon? Let’s take a look.

Bitcoin The World’s Best Performing Asset of 2019

Bitcoin price 00 has made the naysayers look foolish once again. BTC has soared a staggering 40 percent over the past week alone. Moreover, BTC/USD has more than doubled since the December-February lows.

Just yesterday, it broke the $7,000 mark on some impressive volume, the highest since volume since the April 1st rally.

Bitcoin’s market cap has also added $30 billion in value since May began. By comparison, the market cap of every cryptocurrency excluding Bitcoin has only risen by $10 billion during the same time period. Hence, Bitcoin’s market dominance index is now the highest since its $20K all-time high price in late 2017.

Indeed, the voices of ardent no-coiners like Nouriel Roubini who danced on Bitcoin’s grave in November, have gone quiet.

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