Bitcoin Price Push to $5,300 Fails to Materialize Once Again

As the day trucks along, all eyes remain on Bitcoin and the other top markets. Since most of these markets derive value from Bitcoin in one way or another, it seems the uptrend may remain in place for some time to come. Speaking of the Bitcoin price, its most recent push to $5.300 is slowly coming to an end again, by the look of things.

Bitcoin Price Shows Signs of Weakness

When it comes to Bitcoin’s current trend, there are always different opinions and perceptions to take into account. Some see every minor weakness as a big problem, whereas others simply keep the faith in hope of better momentum to materialize. It is unclear where this market will head over the coming hours and days, but no major dip should occur under these circumstances.

More specifically, the Bitcoin price is still up by 0.66% over the past 24 hours, It is not the biggest change by any means, yet it seems there were slightly bigger gains just a few hours ago. As such, it is possible Bitcoin is going through some sort of a small retrace, although that…

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